Monday, May 13, 2013

Plants, Plants and More Plants

I've set myself a summer goal of bringing some curb appeal to my little house.  The chartreuse paint has to go, the front door needs a new shade of pink and I want to do some planting.
So I took a little trip to the local plant nursery to get some ideas. Turns out that I am attracted to plants that look like they are from outer space.  I loved the crotons, bulbines, and marginatas.
I need to actually sit down and draw up a yard plan to figure out where and how to use all these alien plants.
An added bonus of wandering around the nursery was that this friendly little nursery cat decided to wander with me.  She stayed right at my feet for a good 20 minutes, until she spotted a dog that another customer had brought with them, then she hightailed to into the cactus section.

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