Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Making Progress

So the plan this weekend was to do some major cleaning up and get some projects done.  And as long you only count the exterior of my house - I got that done. . . Well, I should say we got that done, I had my parents help (thank goodness). 
Besides the general mowing and weed eating that goes along with yard care, we pulled out my old weed riddled front path and replaced it was a strictly mulch one (I'm not sure I made the best choice, but we'll see). We pulled out the white fly eaten ficus bushes that ran along my fence in the front yard (it involved a large pick-up truck, some chain and a lot of digging). I bought a shed! and put it together! We planted some plants (I ran out of potting soil, so I'm not quite done). Oh, and I finally got my flag hung back up just in time for Memorial day!

. . . and I did get some work done inside, just not nearly enough.

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Jen said...

A pick up truck and a chain? WOW, that sounds like a lot of work! I'm glad to see someone else is working on outdoor spaces. I'm looking for outdoor inspiration. :)