Monday, March 25, 2013

Help Me Finalize My Easter Menu

I am hosting Easter this year and I'm super excited, but I an having trouble finalizing the menu.

See, we are aiming to have an early afternoon brunch/dinner, but if the weather is good we're going to let dad go fishing. . . which means our 1pm dinner can turn into a 6pm dinner.

Because of the variable dinner times I have to keep the menu relatively simple. Everything needs to bee able to be made ahead and be able to be heated up quickly or needs to be able to be thrown together at the last minute.

So far my menu consists of maple glazed ham and quiche - neither of which fit my menu requirements. . . And that's it. . .

I need help, what else should I serve?  I'm thinking about a fruit salad and my grandma's cold broccoli salad, but I don't know for sure. . . what do you think?

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