Monday, January 28, 2013

Stocking Up

I borrowed my dad's truck, kidnapped a few friends and headed to Ikea to stock up on some necessities yesterday.  Ikea, being the cruel mistress that she is, didn't have everything we wanted in stock, but I did some damage.
I picked up:
  • a new t.v. stand - because I couldn't take that darn coffee table any longer
  • a set of shelves - for my reading corner
  • a couple of pillows - because how awesome is this & this
  • a mirror - cause I needed a mirror
  • and a fake plant - just because


Jen said...

Jealous! We don't have an IKEA in Nashville, but I'm roadtripping to North Carolina next month with friends, and IKEA is our main goal. Does your new TV stand fit on your tiny wall?

Laurendy said...

I was so super excited when Ikea finally came to south Florida. As for the t.v. stand, according to it's official messurements it should fit perfectly, but I'm still crossing my fingers.

Laurendy said...

turns out the tv stand is about an inch too long for the wall, so it sticks out just a tad in the doorway between the dining and living rooms. But since no one hugs the wall as they go room to room, I am willing to live with it.