Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For the Love of Fruitcake

Yep, I love fruitcake. . . well, not all fruitcake. I love Collin Street Bakery fruitcake
Every year someone would send my grandmother a Collin Street Bakery fruitcake and I would sneak the cherries and pecans off the top when no one was looking. Having a piece of fruitcake with my grandma was Christmas, it was our special time together. . . and every now and then we'd let my mom (the only other fruitcake lover in the family) join in. 
Seven years ago my grandma passed away just a few weeks before Christmas.  The fruitcakes stopped coming and Christmas changed.

Last night my mom surprised me with a Collin Street Bakery fruitcake.  I hugged the box. . .

A silly fruitcake made it feel a little more like Christmas. I can't wait to start sneaking the pecans off the top.


Emmett, Elsie & I are going to take a little break until Christmas - we'll be back once the stockings have all been stuffed.

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