Tuesday, December 11, 2012

DIY: Make Your Own Christmas Tree Skirt (5 Design Options)

After years of wrapping a scarf around the base of my Christmas tree I went ahead and made a Christmas tree skirt, and you can too. . .

All you need is. . .
  • 1 yard of a base color felt (in my case white)
  • a few small sheets of bright colored felt
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • glue gun
  • craft pom poms (optional)
  1. Start by cutting your base color felt into a square yard
  2. Then you fold that square yard in half
  3. Now fold in half again
  4. Finally fold in half on a diagonal (Now that you have it folded into a triangle it's time to start cutting to get that modern octagon shape I was aiming for.)
  5. You want to cut off the bottom of the triangle, the end away from the folds
  6. Now you have a more even triangle.
  7. Cut just a bit off at the top of you triangle (this will be the hole the tree goes through.
  8. Now unfold and you have tree skirt without a slit. . .
Go ahead and cut a slit in the skirt
If you are a little confused hopefully the little diagram below will help you out -

Congrats, you now have yourself a blank tree skirt. . .
Let's decorate that bad boy!
Here are the 5 patterns I came up with - 
Yes, I totally named each design:
1. Modern rug (cause it was sorta based off a modern rug)
2. Dotty (cause, well, look at it)
3. Dutch Boy (cause it reminds me of a Pennsylvania Dutch sign)
4. Cheerleader (cause of the Pom Poms)
5. Confetti (cause I threw the bit in the air like confetti)
Download the patterns to each option here (this doesn't include the Cheerleader, cause, well, it's just pom poms!)
The best part of felt is that it sticks to itself, so I was able to try out a few of the patterns before making a final commitment.
I started with the Modern Rug design, I went a little over board and add extra stripe thingies, it was cute, but it wasn't the winner.
Next up I free hand cut a bunch of circles laid them out in a random pattern and liked what I saw.  While I liked the circles I can't make my mind up for the life of me, so I gave the pom poms a go, evenly spacing them in a pattern along the edge, again I liked.  Having already decided that I wasn't going to go with the Modern Rug design, I cut the stripes into bits of felt confetti and sprinkled them on the skirt and once again, I liked what I saw.
In the end I decided to go with the Dotty pattern, it just made me the most happy.  To attach the circles to the skirt I used a hot glue gun.  I tried regular glue, but that was a fail. 
I am super happy with the final product and am busy covering it with gifts.

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