Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ever Evolving Style

Personal style isn't static, it's ever evolving.  Through the years my personal design style has grown and changed. Heck, just in the 4 years that I've lived in my home I can see a major difference in style.
As you can see from the lovely graphic above my style as strayed all over the place. 

When I was young (say between the ages of 6 and 13 or so) I wanted to grow up and live in a house that can best be described as brothel chic, I blame Dolly Parton and The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, it was all about velvet and lamps with fringe. 
Then I went through a very very very brief ultra contemporary Jetsons type phase. 
That was followed by an extremely colorful Caribbean phase, a couple of trips to the Bahamas and I was hooked.  In college that the Caribbean phase sorta morphed into a West Indies meets African safari phase, though this one wasn't really my doing. . . I buy one cute little set of hear no evil, see no evil speak no evil monkeys and whamo, everyone is buying me decor with monkeys in little fezs.
I was able to tone down the monkey madness and enjoy a shabby chic beachy phase.  I am from south Florida after all, the beach is bound to creep into my life at some point.
Then we come to the point where I bought my house and let the mid century phase take over.  Though, as you can see from my more recent blog posts, I seem to be heading towards a more industrial design phase.
Even with all the different phases over the years there is some consistency in my personal design style - a colorful, vintage lovin, boho-lite streak that is ever present

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