Thursday, October 4, 2012

DIY: Rustic Raw Wood Tray

This another super simple DIY with lots of character (or at least I think so)

Gather your supplies:
  • a piece of sticky backed felt (from A.C.Moore)
  • 2 simple metal handles (from Lowes)
  • a piece of basswood county plank (from Wallnut Hollow)
  • a screwdriver
  • OPTIONAL - some sort of  clear spray paint
1. Decide where you want your handles to lay.
2. Mark the screw holes of your handles where you want them on your basswood
3. Realize that your handles don't exactly match (one has slightly curved edges), curse.
*This is the point where if you wish to seal your tray, you would take it outside and spray it with clear sealer.

4. Lay out you sticky felt (with backing still on) on the back side of the tray, eyeball cutting the edges to match the raw edge of the basswood.
5. Stick that sticky felt down and turn the basswood back over.
6. Realize you have two flat head screw drivers when what you need is a phillips head, curse. . . then find the proper screwdriver.
7. Screw the handles into place on the top of the basswood.
BOOM - you've got yourself a rustic raw wood tray!


Kelly Coulson Photography said...


Kelly Coulson Photography said...

< plans to steal mug >

Shannon said...

I love this!

Mary & Tim said...

Love this! Found you from CRAFT and we're thrilled to follow your awesome new-to-us blog!

Laurendy said...

Glad yall like it! :)

Varenikje said...

I notice that Basswood Country Planks also has round planks. Very nice project!

Laurendy said...

I was actually going to use a round plank first, but I couldn't find one that was long enough to work for this project. . . so now I have a round one waiting in the wings for a future project.