Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The K & A Apartment Project: A Blank Slate

We're starting a new series - the K & A Apartment Project! My good friend Kelly (the "K" in K & A) is going to be shacking up with here boyfriend (the "A" in K & A) and for once I don't have to force my decorating advice on someone (like I did here), it is actually welcomed!

The apartment itself is a nice sized one bedroom with a large living room and is pretty much a blank slate.  The large furniture pieces are already in place -

They have a giant (and super comfy) Karlstad sectional, a large Lack coffee table (both from Ikea), and a GINORMOUS beast of an entertainment unit,  origin unknown (the Expedit is the closest thing I could find).

We have a whole list of things we need to find for the space:
  • storage baskets for the beast
  • art
  • rug
  • desk
  • desk chair
  • accessories
  • bar stools (for breakfast bar)
  • kitchen items
and that's just for starts. . .

Lordy, I can't wait to drag Kelly down to the Container Store!


Jen said...

I'm so jealous! My sister has been asking for advice about decorating her new place, but we can't go shopping together because she lives in Hong Kong. Have fun! And post your finds?

<3 jen @ stuff jen did

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

I'M SO EXCITED! Don't forget we also have to tackle the screened in patio - Plants and side tables and mood lighting, oh my!