Friday, June 29, 2012

Framing Odd Sized Art in Stanard Sized Frames

I receiveced this super cute Kristyn Michele Bat print in a swag bag from an art show a while back.  I loved the print, but because of it's odd size (3.75" x 4.5") it ended up in a pile of "what am I going to do with this" stuff on my desk. After a good six months of this sailor girl staring at me everyday, I figured it was time to get her framed.  

I gathered up my supplies: an 8" by 10" frame, a mat with an openings as close to the size of the print I could find (3.5" x 5), a sheet of black acid free paper, some painter's tape, and the print.

I centered the print in the mat, which left me with gaps at the top and bottom of the print.  I taped the black paper over the print and the gaps on the back side of the mat and taped that sucker in place.  I flipped over the mat to make sure everything looked good and then shoved that bad boy in the frame.
And then BAM, you've got odd sized art framed up nicely in a stanard sized frame.

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Jen said...

She's so cute; nice job! Almost all my framed art has been doctored similarly to this. I think a frame and a mat are infinitely better than a print sitting on a desk, even if you have to frame "creatively."

<3 jen @ stuff jen did