Friday, May 4, 2012

Dinner With Kelly - An Indroduction at The Cheese Course

- My friend Kelly has made it her personal mission to expand my culinary horizons. Her camera in hand (did I mention she is an extremely talented photographer), she drags me across south Florida from one yummy adventure to another! -

The first place Kelly took me to for dinner was The Cheese Course in Mizner Park. The Cheese Course is a local cheese shop / restaurant chain with 6 locations through out south Florida.

Kelly suggested we stay within the sandwich area of the menu (she didn't want to scare me off with a cheese platter my first go around).

Kelly had the Applewood Bacon with Goat Gouda, tomatoes, avocado, rosemary aioli, and greens -

I went with the Black Forest Ham with Brie, raspberry cranberry relish, and greens -

I can't even begin to tell you how super duper yummy that sandwich was! And well priced for that matter.

If you are in south Florida and are near one of The Cheese Course locations, they are totally worth stopping into, even if just for a snack.

All photos are by Kelly Coulson Photography

Dinner with Kelly is a new series here at Laurendy Home which will feature local eateries with a mix of my good friend Kelly's photography & my shamefully sheltered palate and the occasional guest post from Kelly herself.

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