Monday, April 23, 2012

I Am Not To Be Trusted With Contact Paper

So what is one to do when they find themselves with a roll of contact paper, a pair of scissors and a bit of extra time?

Make signs for all their doors, duh!

I found a roll of wood grain contact paper while I was cleaning the other day and found myself cutting out letters while I watched Big Bang Theory.  I decided my front door needed an exit sign and that my guest room / office / craft room / storage space needed to officially be declared a "studio", so it too received its own sign -

I cut all the letters out free hand, using the grid on the back of the contact paper to make sure I kept the thickness of the letters pretty uniform.  The exclamation point at the end of studio was a last minute add when I realized that I hadn't centered "studio" all that well on the door.

It was done on a whim and was beyond super simple to do, but everyone who as come by my place has commented on them (mostly with "those are so cute", but I have gotten a few "girl, you are nuts"). They seriously only took most of a sitcom episode to cut out (while still watching the show) and a commercial break to slap them on the doors.  And bonus, they can taken down if I change my mind about them next week with no damage to the doors.