Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Retro Munchies

Because we were watching t.v. for most of my Mad Men party I tried to keep the food simple and easy to eat.  Originally I wanted to follow Betty Draper's menu from her "Around the World" themed dinner party, but as soon as I saw chicken livers in one of the recipes, I decided that just using her them might be a better idea.

We had Greek spinach pies, Swedish meatballs, Italian meats, Swiss cheese, Mexican cocktails and I threw in some Lipton onion soup mix dip into the pot for retro's sake.

Alrighty the, that concludes Retro Week, back to our somewhat regular schedule tomorrow!

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Jen said...

Hey lady! Thanks for visiting my blog today. :) And ha, I love the Lipton Onion Soup choice. Was it good enough to serve again? I don't think I've ever had it, but I've wondered about it.