Monday, February 20, 2012

Living Room Progress

So this is what my living room currently looks like -

I'm really happy with the furniture layout, though I'm not so sure the current tv stand is going to make the final cut.  Now I've got to start bringing accessories to bring every thing together, here's the plan -

What do you think?


Kelly Coulson Photography said...

Kelly Goes Here!

Jen said...

I agree; I'm not sure what I think of the TV stand but everything else looks fantastic. Accessories will take some of the attention away from the TV stand and maybe then it won't be such a big deal. This room is ready for some color! What kind of art do you want?

Laurendy said...

What my black, gray & wood tone color scheme isn't bright enough for you? lol

As for art, I'm thinking this big old vintage school world map for above the sofa. . . either that or a grouping of prints in black frames. Above the tv. . . I have no clue other than I want something bright.

Lisa said...

How about some ikea cabinets to make a faux-denza for the tv? It may be an opportunity to bring in additional light sources by finding two matching lamps to anchor on each side of the tv.

For the curtains, I would keep them (to keep the budget low) but add additional length to the floor with a different fabric - Maybe a pattern or color that you dig.

For the rug, I would add a large neutral rug and then layer a fun rug over it.

Good luck!