Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kitchen Cart?

I don't recall if I mentioned it or not, but a while back my big beautiful floor to ceiling pantry cabinet bit the dust. It was second hand when I put it in, and well, we had to shove it over a few inches to do some electrical work, and the poor thing just couldn't take it.

So now I have a pretty long bit a wall space heading into my kitchen. And it need something. I considered putting a buffet there, but I would really rather have the space blend with my kitchen and not the dining room. . . My mom found the fellow below at a discount store for $300 -

I really like it, and I think it would blend with my kitchen nicely, but it costs a bit more than I'd like to spend. . . though, I think it might be worth saving my pennies for.


Aluminium window said...

Gorgeous kitchen cart! Great choice of topic and the content are brief and concrete.

Laurendy said...

I am pretty sure I am going to break down and buy this guy.