Monday, December 26, 2011

Santa Was Good To Me

Santa was again good to me this year (the plumbing fairy on the other hand was not, but more on that some other time). I had a wonderful Christmas with my family and plan on getting in as much family time as possible over the next week, so posting here will be a little light through the New Year.

I leave you today with one of my favorite gifts, this Methane Studios Cupcake print I had been lusting over for quite some time -

Now I just have to decide where this bad boy should live.


Garage said...

Merry Christmas to you...Your site have informative stuff, I love going through them and learning things. Thank you for your posts.

Kelly Coulson Photography said...

That print reminded me of this husband and wife painting duo that I met at an Art event in Mizner. They painted a cupcake a day though it looks like that challenge has ended. You can still review past posts and see what they've done. They paintings themselves are very well done and a lot of them have a quirk humor to them.