Friday, December 2, 2011

Playing Santa

One of my favorite parts of Christmas is watching kids open their gifts. There is something about the way a little face lights up that almost makes me wants to settle down and have of my own. . . okay, enough of that, back to making kids happy - my niece, Pigeon, is now at the point where she is starting to play pretend, she loves to "make dinner" for her dolls.

So what is a devoted aunt to do? Start searching playset kitchens, that's what. Pigeon needs her own space to "make dinner" and I get the extra thrill of being the one to give it to her. . . yeah, I'm all about being the favorite aunt and I'm not above bribery. Finding her the right playset kitchen has an added bonus of helping me out with gifts to come, I can always pick up some sort of play food or dish set for her birthday or Easter or whatever (I really love all the Melissa & Doug wooden food, just too cute).

As for my own kids, you know, of the cat and chihuahua variety. Elsie will be getting a nice new window seat, and as for Emmett, I'm leaning towards finally getting him a nice set of doggy stairs, so I don't always have to pick him up when he wants to lay on the bed. (And yes, Elsie's and Emmett's faces do light up when the get a gift, I swear).


Michelle said...

I used to love playset kitchens when I was little. My brother would even get in on a play session with me sometimes too.

Laurendy said...

I went through at least three seperate play kitchens - they were some of my favorite things to play with, in fact, I still have some of the play food tucked away in the attic.