Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Local Love: Feverish Ice Cream

Okay, so Feverish Ice Cream isn't so much a local spot, as it is mobile carts, but they are local and I do love them.

photo borrowed from FeverishMiami's Flickr stream

I've seen the Feverish carts around at a ton of local events, but I've always just eaten or on my way to lunch, so you know, had some other excuse not to pick up one of their gourmet popsicles, but this past weekend I ran out of excuses. I had one of their Chocolate Banana Sea Salt pops and I fell in love. I hate, hate, hate when people say "omg", but OMG! it was beyond yummy. I also had a bite of my friend's Peanut Butter & Jelly pop and another friend's Pineapple - SO GOOD!

If you are at an event in South Florida and you spot one the the Feverish Ice Cream carts you better buy yourself a popsicle, they are more then worth their $3ish price tag.

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