Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Perfect Road Trip Tote

road trip totes

I am on the search for the perfect road trip tote bag.

See, I've got myself some summer plans. . .

Yep, and my plans include hundreds of miles of YARD SALES!! (try to pretend Oprah just yelled "yard sales" in that Oprah style yelling she does)

That's right, my mom, aunt and I are hitting the road come August and road tripping our way down the 127 Corridor Sale (aka World's Long Yard Sale)! I am super duper excited and on the hunt for the perfect tote bag - it needs to be big enough so that it can fit all the standard road trip items in as well as smaller purchases and it needs to have long enough handles that it hangs well from my shoulder.

Other than that I want to know if any of you have done the yard sale and have any advice for me, or if anyone else is planning to give it a go this year as well.

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