Monday, May 23, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Saturday was a very hectic day. My sister came over and helped me do a major clean out of the kitchen and living room. It went something like this -

Her: Why do you have three sets of salt and pepper

Me: Cause. . .

Her: Cause?! Come on now, which ones do you actually

Me: Um, um. . . the simple ones

Her: So lets get rid of the gnome ones then.

Me: No, those are my favorite!

Her: Then why don't you use them?

Me: Because the holes are too big.

Her: So they're useless, get rid of them.

Me: NO! You can't make me!

Her: Fine, then get rid of the squirrel ones.

Me: But I just got those!

Her: But you aren't going to use them.

Me: But I love them! [tears]

Her: This is going to be a long day. . .
So you can see why when Sunday rolled around I decided to be super lazy. Elsie was super down with being lazy -

She took it upon herself to keep me from having to make the bed. Seriously, she laid in that same spot until about 5:30 in the afternoon.

And yes, I did really cry over salt and pepper shakers.

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