Monday, May 9, 2011

Color Inspiration from BHLDN

Last week, I saw over on Oh Joy that BHLDN had introduced their decor shop.

So being the good blogger that I am, I just had to take a look for myself.

Seeing that I'm not getting married any time soon (because, you know, that would involve being able to maintain a steady healthy relationship), I went looking more for inspiration, rather than, say, purchasing. . .

What did I find? The perfect color combo of teal and gray (with a little white mixed in for good measure) -

I am in love with these colors. I was already leaning towards them for a living, dining room make over. . . BHLDN just sorta pushed me over the edge.

1 comment:

Joenah said...

Well blended colors and elegant in style. It's inspirational, if you will put it in the living room it will be just great. Decorating is a form art!