Monday, April 4, 2011

Well That Was Anticlimatic

Remember that buffet I spotted at Home Goods a little while back that I love love loved, but didn't like the over abundance of wine storage? Well that little buffet had bee stuck in my head since the moment I first saw it, so when I happened to be in that same Home Goods store I decided to see the if the wine storage was removable. . . and guess what - it was!! I was super excited and I almost ready to break my $200 budget. . . until I took a step back to admire the newly wine storageless buffet and realized that it looked somewhat sad without said storage. . . Back to square one I go. . .

- - - note - - -

I'm not completely happy with the blog's new look, so there will be some tweaking here and there until I'm happy with it.

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Pamela D. Hart said...

Hi Lauren. I found your blog by browsing through Blogcatalog.

I just revamped my blog, ie theme, added a signature, etc. It felt like it took forever, but I think it was worth it. And I felt good that I did it all by my little 'ole self! So, good luck to you! I'll stop back to see how you're coming along.