Thursday, April 21, 2011

To Buy or Not To Buy?

I really really really want to have a beverage "buffet" for the baby shower. . . and I've fallen in love with the idea of this beverage jar -

Really, I've just been looking for an excuse to buy one. Thing is, if I have said beverage "buffet" I would need at least 3 jars. I have found some at a discount store for a great price, but what am I going to do with 3 giant beverage jars after the fact. . . Storage is an major issue.

I could go with simple clear glass pitchers, but I've sorta got my heart set on the beverage jar. . .

Ugg, I'm torn. . . what should I do? Buy?


MissAmandaGinger said...

Love Love Love your blog, just wanted to pass along that Z gallerie has come to the rescue for you!!! I will copy the link below but if it doesn't work, it's called the 3 tier beverage dispenser! Can you believe the price!!!

I hope this helps!

SavvyP said...

That is a fabulous beverage jar. Personally, I would use it every day. I mean a jar like that shouldn't be stored away, right? I saw the link that MissAmandaGinger posted also, and the stackable beverage dispenser is pretty awesome too. Maybe take it to a poll?