Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Tile Floors

I may have mentioned before that I highly dislike the tile my house came with. I can live with the faux marblish excuse for tile in the bedrooms. . . but the tile in the living area is bugging the heck out of me. . . My disgust for the tile part of the reason there haven't been all the many photos of my home, every time I take of a picture all I seem to notice is the ugly tile.

And after an after shower + shiny tile + kitty fall this morning I have decided that I can live with said ugly tile no more.

I want something bold yet neutral, modern yet somewhat traditional. This is what I've found -

12 x 24 inch Diamante tile from Daltile in either Ardesie or Grigio laid in a brick pattern (like in the picture below).

Now I haven't even priced the tile out yet and I'm a bit worried that it will be overwelming in such small rooms. . . but I have fallen head over heals for it. .

So what do you think - score? or am I off my rocker?


Tiles Pennsylvania said...


The 12 x 24 inch Diamante tiles are very nice. They give a new official look to your floor, now many star hotels specially want to design their floors because it is easy to take care of them. Thanks a lot.

Laurendy said...

easy to take care of sounds good to me