Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Low Profile Lighting

Don't get me wrong, I love my little mid-century house, but it has it's issues - like low ceilings. The ceilings are extra low in the living room. Now, I'm short, so low ceilings really aren't a problem for me, but my roommate is super tall (she's over 6 feet), so having a ceiling fan in the living room is a bit of an problematic. So I'm on the hunt for some low profile lighting for the living room. So far I've found these two from Lamps Plus -

I really like the first one, I think it ties in with the house's mid-century roots, but I don't like that it uses halogen bulbs and I'm afraid it may look a bit too funky in place. As for number two, I like it well enough, it is the "safer" choice, but even there I'm afraid that its 18 inch diameter is two much for the room's 9 foot width. I need opinions.


Emily said...

Both are great picks! I tend to lean towards the second (and it's actually the kind of light I'd pick for a location in my home that's in need). Very pretty.

Anonymous said...

cut out a cardboard disk stick it up with painters tape and see how it looks on the ceiling. I like the second one alot. The size might be big in a small space, but it would also be "grander" than in a large room where it would look small. Make any sense?