Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Setting a Budget & Saving My Pennies

Back in October I posted this list of things I would like to buy to this year -

Now that we're actually into 2011 I thought I would figure out how I'm going to afford the new furniture, what I'm willing to pay for it and if I really need it or not.

Need or Want?
I do need a buffet for the dining room, I have three full sets of dishes (serving plates and all) so dining room storage is a must. . .

As for dining chairs, this falls into the want area, I do have plenty of vintage chairs that I can use in a mix and match set, but I really really really want a matching set of white chairs. . .

forget a rug, I need new flooring for the entire house, so this may have to wait another year. . .

seeing that my mom is giving me one set of her vintage lockers I can totally pass on getting a bookcase. . .

a new coffee table is a must, Elsie's claws have completely ruined my storage ottoman. . .

I want to do this all on the cheap if possible so I'm giving myself pretty strict limits:

buffet - $200
dining chairs - $300 for 4
coffee table - $150

Savings Plan
so now I just need to save up $650. . . so it's time to break out The Jar. . . yeah, I dump all my change into a giant glass jar along with any extra cash at the end of the week and any surprise money I may get (as in unexpected overtime) and once every few weeks I count it up and make a deposit.

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laurenjanelle said...

ooh shopping trip. I'm glad you're saving up for these, not just splurging. it's inspiring that people can save to get the beautiful home they want.