Friday, February 4, 2011

Local Love: Devil's Millhopper Geolocial State Park in Gainesville

Okay, so it was totally my idea to go check out Devil's Millhopper while we were in Gainesville. My thinking was that it would be awesome to hike down into a 120 foot deep sink hole. . . the whole "I'm terrified of heights" thing never occurred to me, you know, cause we were going to be going down, not up. . . but on step number 5 out of 200 or so panic followed by vertigo set in. So, while I made it to the bottom, the photos I took majorly suck and don't at all capture the beauty of this place.

note" this is not what I had originally planned to share as the "local love" post, but the website for the restaurant that I wanted to share was down.

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Landscape Design Company said...

Is there tree logging going out there? looks the trees are few. Thanks!