Thursday, February 3, 2011

Emmett: Chihuahua Around Campus

Emmett is the best dog in the whole wide world (I may be a bit biased), but he isn't always the most well behaved. . . At home he barks and growls at anyone and everyone who gets within 10 feet of the house, he does the same at my mother's house. . . and he likes to leave his mark (if ya know what I mean) at every check out counter he meets, which is why I no longer take him with me to the pet store.

So I was completely surprised on how well behaved he was while we were out of town. He didn't bark in the hotel, not even when the annoyingly yappie little dog in the room next store would start (seriously, that dog barked at everything) and when we went to see my little sister's dorm room and have a tour of the campus he was an angel.

Here he is with my little sister under the "French Fries" sculpture and with her again in front of the stadium -

The campus tour was the longest walk he has ever been on and he encountered crazy squirrels and groups of college kids and he never once misbehaved. We come to the conclusion that his barking and growling at home and at my mother's is because he is playing guard dog there and he feels he has to protect us, while when we're someplace new and different he is too busy exploring to care about protecting us.

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