Monday, January 24, 2011

Party Planning

One of my best friends has just spilled the beans that she and her hubby are now expecting baby #3! Which totally means that there is some major baby shower planning in my future.

And while it will be at least a month before we'll know if they'll be adding a third son or (crossing my fingers) welcoming a baby girl to their family, I have already started planning. I've narrowed the possible themes down to two for each sex.

For a girl we'll go with either "Garden Party" or "Pink on Pink" and for a boy we'll go either "Shark Week" or "Sock Monkey".

Seeing that I'll only get to use one of my themes for the actual baby shower, I have decided that I will to go ahead and plan the rest of them here - virtually, which will include invites, mood boards, game ideas, menu ideas and thank you cards. . .

I'm totally open to any input, ideas or suggestions anyone might have.

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