Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Uniform

Warning - this a totally non-house-related post!

I hate to admit it, but I pretty much wear the same thing to work every day. . . my work uniform looks something like this -

  • a black dress from Target, Avenue, Lane Bryant or Ross
  • a sweat or shrug from either Target or Ross
  • a pair of ballet flats from Target (I pretty much buy every version of the Odell flat I find)
  • two pairs of super tiny hoops I picked up at Walmart years and years ago
  • my vintage Indian-head ring
  • a giant tote bag
I have more sleeveless black dresses that I can count. . . it's a sickness I have. . .


Sal said...

I like that combination. Actually, you just gave me some inspiration... I never am sure what to wear to work.
Wish we had Target in Germany. :(
I used to buy so much stuff there, especially shirts.


Laurendy said...

I think I would be in trouble if I didn't have a Target near by.