Monday, October 18, 2010

Updating My Bathroom

My bathroom is in need of an update. A very cheap update. . . So pretty much, it just needs a new coat of paint and a new shower curtain. I've decided on gray for the walls (it's hard to find something that goes well with the pink/peach 1950's wall tiles). Now all I need to figure out is the shower curtain, I've narrowed the field down to the two below -

Shower Curtain Choice

Now the question is, do I go with "fancy" or "fun? Please weight in with your opinions, I have to make my mind up shortly, seeing that both shower curtain choices are on clearance.


Anonymous said...

Hmm depends on how "serious" you want your house to be. I personally would go with "raining cats and dogs" but then again I am very goofy like that.

Lisa said...


Sparrow's Nest said...

I love both... what kind of accessories do you have in there? Are they more fancy or fun? match what you can... since I also have a 50's bathroom (green tub, sink, stool) I am leaning more towards fun :)

Cathy said...

Go fun!