Sunday, August 1, 2010

My Bedroom (The Before)

Some of you might have noticed that while I've been talking about refreshing my bedroom, I've never actually posted picture of it other than a few of it being painted before I moved in. . . I'd like to say I didn't post pictures out of desire of privacy or maybe because it's so hard to get good light in there or even that because it is so small it's hard to get everything in a photo. . . while these are all semi-true, the real reason I haven't post pictures of my bedroom is that I've just been lazy, pure and simple.

The fact that I'm actually going to start moving stuff around today inspired me a shake off my laziness and snap a couple of pictures (doesn't hurt that light seemed just right this morning).

So without further ado, here is my room -

You may notice the overwhelming about of furniture in such a small space. The white dresser was handed down about 4 times before it got to me, so it's not in the best shape, and the giant standing closet thingie is just hideous. . . so now you understand why I need the Pax system in there.
Oh, and course no rushed photo shoot would be complete without a mini battle of the bed breaking out between Emmett and Elsie -


Lisa said...

Can't wait to see the "after!"

William Gulliver said...

I wish you posted more photos so that we would know the difference. Anyway, if you’re worrying about the limited space of your bedroom, you can try adding mirrors. These can bring depth and dimension to your space due to their ability to act like windows.

William Gulliver