Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bed Update

After much debate I decided to go ahead and order the platform bed frame from . . I figure if I really don't like how it feels I can always add a box spring and have a super high bed (I've always wanted to play princess and the pea anyhow). I read all the reviews on the bed that I could find and the only complaint I saw was that shipping took so long, 10 to 14 days in most cases. But waiting doesn't bother me, in fact, it may be an added bonus - if it take two whole weeks to get here that means it will arrive right before all the mattress stores hold there Labor Day sales. . . and we all know how I love a sale . . .

Now while I am pretty sure that I am going to love my new bed and its industrial looks, this is the bed I would rather have -

Alas, my local Ikea does not carry it (nor does any of the other Florida Ikeas for that matter), but it would most likely be overwhelming in such a small room and I'm pretty sure the ceiling fan would be in the way. . . at least that's what I'm telling myself.

~ edit ~
after a quick check, it turns out that while only a few stores actually carry the Ikea PS Veranda bed, it is not currently in stock at any store in the US. . . not cool Ikea, not cool


Lisa said...

Ooo, I haven't seen that bed yet!

Tonia @Chic Modern Vintage said...

Humm, is this bed for you or a child?

Laurendy said...

umm, me. . . no children around, unless you count a chihuahua as a child.