Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Knock It Off: Eames Shell Chair

I've shared many a knock-off here over the past two years so I thought it was only fair to share my sources in my new "Knock It Off" series. We are starting it off with the lovely Eames Shell Chair.

The real deal from Hive Modern coming in at $349.
  1. Eiffel Bucket Chair from Modern Dose for $129!
  2. Ayers Wire Base Arm Chair from Overstock - two for $207.99!
  3. Baxton Studio Cettina Steel-Base Armchair - two for $211.05!

(you can find the real deal at tons of places online all are pretty much around the same price)


Modernism2010 said...

They cost $65.00 from China ;), also add designerseating.com to the mix they normally beat everyone price wise..also my site www.modernchairrental.com we try to keep our prices close to designerseating

Laurendy said...

Modernism2010 where were you two months ago!?

Thank you for the new links - I'm always looking for new sources :)