Saturday, April 17, 2010

Tax Return Money

So people, what are you doing with your tax return this year? I'm thinking of maybe getting one of these bad boys -

Before you go thinking I'm made of money, it's the "Icon Lounge Chair and Ottoman" - yep another knock-off (though the company calls it "inspired by".

While I dream of this chair I'll most likely put the money back into the house - dishwasher anyone?


min hus said...

I never splurge with my tax refund. This year, my house decided it needed a new water heater. Ugh, those things are more than I thought. And the rest of the refund, well, it's going to savings. As usual. Practical, but not fun. :)

I'm tempted to say screw the dishwasher, get the chair, but I love my dishwasher. It's the first one I ever had and I love the time it saves me!

Sparrow's Nest said...

I want an Eames Lounger so bad! (How much is the icon "version"? Looks really good to me :)

My friend Kristina and I are thinking of prostituting our selves for dishwashers, lol... when you've lived without one for three years, and with a single bowl sink might I add... you start to get a bit desperate!