Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Worn Out!

I am exhausted!

This owning a home thing is a lot of work - and I haven't even moved in yet!

Accomplished So Far:
  • paint the ceilings (all of them)
  • paint the "great" room and hall
  • install new faucet in the kitchen
  • fix the bathroom plumbing (most of it)
  • take out the old fans
  • install one new fan
  • paint door trim (most of it)
  • install new kitchen light
  • install pull-out trash cans in kitchen cabinets
  • clean, clean, clean
  • mow the yard
  • chainsaw the bushes
  • trim the palms
  • spray paint some furniture
all in the past three days! Now, I didn't do this alone, my mom and dad helped (a lot!), and my sister even did some painting. All that done, and oh, so much more to do.

I've taken tons and tons of pictures, but I've been too wiped out to upload them! I promise I will share them as soon as I get them loaded.

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Bungalow in the Hollow said...

Hi there -

Thanks for stopping by the blog. Looks like you have been crazy busy sprucing up the place - Congrats!!

So, I wanna see this "mid-century cottage". Post pics! Post pics!

Keep dropping by to find out how our house drama ends ;)