Thursday, August 28, 2008

What A Night

Last night wasn't the best night in home repair land.

I started the night off by sitting down with my checkbook and doing some money math - never a good start for an evening.

Once I got over to the house I was happy to see that the electrical had been started. My dad pointed out that it was a good thing everything had been laid in the trench that needed to be in the trench because the sides were starting to cave in - As he says it, I fall in the hole . . . it hurt.

So once I get cleaned off from falling in the hole I decide to put some of the new cabinets together. I'm happy that I was able to get one together by myself no problem, but I'm not so happy with the cabinet itself - it's a piece of crap, and I know from doing the money math earlier that I can't afford anything better.

And now I am just sorta in a home repair funk, looking like it might turn into a full on home repair depression.

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