Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Before Tour

Okay, I'm finally ready to give the official "before" tour of my little "mid-century cottage".

These are the pictures I took the first time I went to look at the home with my realtor. The seller made some repairs before the closing, so these are really the before, before pictures.

This is the house from the street, hidden behind gates and bushes.

Get a little closer to the front porch and you can see the lovely roof damage.
Luckily the damage was only on the porch and carport, which share a flat roof,
not on the house itself.

This is the lovely "great room" - I told you the house was small.

Here we have the kitchen in all it's mix 'n' match cabinet glory.

The bathroom with the original 1957 tile - SCORE!!

The front bedroom.

The back bedroom.

The ceiling fans from Hell
(yes, that last one is half plastered/half hanging be wires from the ceiling)

The tiled carport floor. . .

Oh, and this was the previous owners idea of fixing a hole into the attic. . .

The house was built in 1957, so it is an original mid-century home, but it is so small that it's more of a cottage - hence, "mid-century cottage". Most of the houses in the area were built around the same time and with the same layout, but the majority of them have had additions over the years. I looked at a few with additions, but in general the additions seemed to have been done on the cheap and not to code. So I was very happy when I found my little 3030 addition free.

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I love it!! There's an awesome book you check out of the library that might be really fun for inspiration called "Atomic Ranch" it's all kinds of fun mid-century-ness.

If you come home one day and your shutters & door are painted bright & shiny Kate Spade kelly green...umm...well, I've got an urge.