Thursday, July 24, 2008

Really Friday? Maybe?

My bank has been reassuring me that I will close tomorrow. . . While hearing them say it 100 times does make me feel somewhat better, I still highly doubt that I will be a homeowner by tomorrow night. . . Everyone keeps emailing everyone else and it's just getting confusing - I know email is a wonderful tool, but in this case it is not being used correctly: one question (or statement) going out to 20 different people, and an hour later a simple response that leads to multiple other single questions or statements and four hours later you are still on that first question! A simple phone call would be a much better use of time, and a lot more information could be shared!

And as far as I know they may have not sent over the paperwork to the seller and the title company yet. . .

So, again, here's to hoping

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