Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bring on the Fans

- no autographs please. . .

No, not those type of fans! Ceiling fans, silly!

We hit Lowes yesterday just to take a look around. I know I'll need three ceiling fans for the soon-to-be-mine house so that's where we headed first. It's a good thing I didn't pick any up, cause my dad would have made me turn around and return them. Silly me, I was reading the room size recommendations on the box and I thought you should go by that, but no. Bigger is better. . . According to dad we will be getting 52 inch fans, not the dinky 30 inch fans that the box suggested for our rooms.

We also hit the lighting section (which is basically the same as the fan section, but let's not get caught up in the details). I found my kitchen light -

I know, not at all fancy or even pretty, but I am in love with it. Plus it so goes with age of my soon-to-be-mine house (51 years young). But again, I didn't buy it cause I need someone else to tall me they love it too.

However I did buy two outdoor light fixtures. Super cute Jelly Jar Lights, one for by the front door, one for the carport. They are the same fixture that lights up the front porch over at the Erwin House -

Thank you Mr. Erwin for letting me know where to find them.

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