Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Another Update

We got the go ahead today and have the work done on the house, and the seller will reimburse me (my dad) after the closing. This gets us around a stupid little line in my bank's commitment that the seller is only allowed to contribute so much at closing.

It's a good thing the seller decided to let us have the work done ourselves, because, well. . . we don't like waiting, and have had most of it done already. . .

I didn't want to post that before just because we were bending the rules, but so far we've had the electrical done, the roof is almost finished, the window work is being done tomorrow, and the tenting is being scheduled as I type (thanks Dad)

this might just work out after all.

And because I am feeling so upbeat, here is another sneak peek of my soon-to-be-mine house via Google Street View:

Okay, with those bushes there you can't really see anything but the carport,
but it is an actual picture of the house
(Oh, and those bushes have been seriously trimmed down before the house went on the market)

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