Thursday, May 29, 2008

the Big News (con't)

I'm taking my step-dad (who will be from here on referred to as "my dad" as opposed to my bio-dad who will be referred to as "my father") to see my little house - basically to make sure I didn't pick a lemon. Houses in my price range have been moving fast (within a week or so) and my dad was out of town for the past week - so my mom and I found this one and made the offer, and accepted the counter-offer all without his input. We are very proud of ourselves, but see that he is the one that will be helping me with (okay, doing most of) of the manual labor at my little house, he should take a look to see what we got him into.

side note: "the Long List" will be completed, just in a shortened one post extravaganza.

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